Hello & Welcome

My name is Dana and I am chief cook and bottle washer around here.

I am a homesteading, homeschooling mama of two darling girls (Miss 9 and Miss 7) and little Mr 3.

I love to cook, garden, paint, craft, knit, read and generally live the good life. On the weekends I still have a “normal” job as a nurse in the city hospital. But during the week I homeschool the kids and generally run the homestead.

We are a family of 5 on an amazing adventure homesteading in New Zealand.

Where did the name Piwakawaka Valley come from?

The name Piwakawaka Valley is a reference to the many little Piwakawaka (Fantails) that populate the gully on our property. They are darling little birds, so very friendly and sweet.


What are our plans?

We have built a rustic house out of a tin farm shed, and we are slowing building a homestead and garden, complete with animals. Hopefully, we will retire from city life as soon as possible. You can read how our story started here.

What is it like homesteading in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a beautiful country. Piwakawaka Valley Homestead is on the coast and I can see the sea from our lounge.

With the coast comes the changing weather and the wind. So much wind.

Homesteading in New Zealand is quite common. A lot of our country is still farmland, with quite a few ‘lifestyle’ blocks of 3-15 acres.

Our cities are generally small, our closest is only 120k people, which is perfect for us. Big enough to be well resourced, but small enough that you can drive from one side to the other in 20 minutes.

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