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Society is falling apart in so many places. The earth keeps throwing disasters at us, one after the other. And we are losing our resilience. More and more we are relying on government for assistance, on corporations for supplying our food, clothing and income. On external forces for our happiness.

We are giving away our power to beings that are bigger than we could ever be, they have no care for us as individuals. Only for their bottom line and making profits for their share holders.

It is a dark and bleak view looking toward the future.

But there is hope.

A spark, a glimmer rising up out of the earth.

They come armed with shovels, dirty hands, mucky boots and fresh organic produce.

You see them at the farmers markets. The beaming, welcoming faces, truly living life how it should be lived.

They work hard. They get dirty. But by golly, they get satisfying results.

They eat well. They bask in the sunshine and walk in the rain. Their children know where their food comes from, and can name actual vegetables.

They are free.

Homesteading is the answer to so many of our nation’s problems. 

AND you don’t have to own actual land to be able to embrace the homesteading, self reliance skills.

You can homestead ANYWHERE!

What is homesteading?

Homesteading is a mindset, a way of life.

Homesteading is frugal but not cheap. It buys quality items that will last well. Good items are often found in garage sales or second hand stores.

Homesteading is not wasteful. Food scraps are made in to stock, or fed to chickens or turned in to compost, or all three! Hides are tanned and made in to useful items. Clothes are mended, or re purposed, and eventually used as rags then composted. Furniture is reborn as new pieces with a little love and attention. Building scraps are turned in to all sorts of fantastic buildings.

Homesteading is creative. Got an unused bookshelf? Make it into nesting boxes. Got an old sheet? Make an apron. Old billboard skins? Tarpaulins to use in the garden.

Homesteading is delicious. Learn to cook with fresh produce. Store food, preserve, can, dehydrate, pickle and ferment to your heart is content. Grow, buy or barter for bountiful harvests and put them up for the winter when food is scarce.

Homesteading is satisfying. Milk a goat, grow something with your own two hands from seed, chop a pile of wood then enjoy the fire. Nothing compares to the feeling after a good day of physical production. It is what we were built for. It is what your soul longs for.

Homesteading is community. Get involved. Buy from local producers. Barter with your neighbors. Join a co-op or a community garden. Start a #FoodisFree stand with your excess harvest. Donate to food banks or soup kitchens. Learn from your elderly neighbor then make them a cup of tea and talk with them.

Homesteading is a state of mind. Get in to it. Not sure how? Check out these 33 traditional skills that will get you started.

Join the uprising. You will not regret it.

I promise.

Please share and get the message out there!

Are you part of the uprising? What skills have you already mastered? Let me know in the comments below!

Do you feel like we need a change? Like humanity needs a lifeline? Get yourself involved, learn how to homestead where you are today. Join the revolution. #homesteading #HomesteadAnywhere


Do you feel like we need a change? Like humanity needs a lifeline? Get yourself involved, learn how to homestead where you are today. Join the homesteading revolution. #homesteading #HomesteadAnywhere

Dana is a homesteading, homeschooling mama to 3, based in the south of New Zealand.

She is a Certified Ketogenic Living Coach, and natural wellness expert, as well as a Registered Nurse, with post grad training in mothers and babies. She has struggled with infertility and PCOS and conceived all 3 babies naturally.

Dana is passionate about natural health and gentle parenting. With a background in well child / baby nursing she loves sharing what she knows with mamas, mamas-to-be and mama-want-to-be’s.

She enjoys getting out in the garden, or just sitting at the beach in the sun. Dana also blogs about fertility and pregnancy at, coaches people through and creates meal plans for