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Whether you are looking to make money homesteading, or just want to make some spare cash from your backyard we have you covered. Here is a list of simple, minimal investment required ideas for making money from home.

Some of them are more involved, and all of them take a little investment of time and knowledge to get them off the ground.

Making a full-time income from a homestead might seem like a stretch, but a small income stream from several different places can add up to quite a large volume with some time and some effort.

Or in smaller doses, they can become a nice little bit of pocket money for a rainy day.

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Make Money Homesteading in 2018:

Making Money from the Garden

One of the most obvious ways to make money homesteading is to use the garden. Most homesteads, or homes with a yard can use their space to make money with a large garden.

There will always be a market for fresh, organic produce. You can also use a basket of fresh produce to barter for other goods and services. If you need help getting a garden started check out our super thorough and uber practical gardening course!

  • Grow a herb garden – fresh herbs sell well at farmers markets and local cafes/restaurants will buy them if you can give them a regular supply. Heirloom varieties are all the rage these days.
  • Grow an orchard or berry patch and run a pick-your-own or sell at a market. Preserved strawberries are a bit hit!
  • Grow a large vegetable garden and sell high profit plants like salad greens, radish, carrots and other greens. For more information on this style of gardening check out Urban Farmer Curtis Stone or JM Fortier.
  • Grow a worm farm and sell worm castings and red wrigglers or tiger worms to other gardeners.
  • Use local waste and convert it into compost to sell on.
  • Raise vegetable seedlings from seed for other people’s gardens.
  • Raise natives, berries or other trees to sell on.
  • Learn how to graft fruit trees and market them to others.
  • Grow a glass house full of tomatoes and sell them.
  • Rent your land to graze horses or other stock.
  • Grow and cut hay and sell to other small holders.
  • Grow mushrooms.
  • Garlic is a cash crop, especially when grown organically.
  • Grow Christmas trees – this one needs some space and some time.

Making Money from Animals

You do need some land to raise some animals, but you would be amazed how little space is needed for a pair of small milking goats (they do need a friend), a few chickens or a colony of rabbits.

As with anything you will need to check the local rules around selling animals or animal products. If you have lots of land, of course your options to make money homesteading are much more diverse.

  • Sell cow or goat milk
  • Run a cow share program for milk or beef
  • Raise a few beef calves
  • Breed, raise, train and sell goats for milking or meat
  • Start a rabbit colony and sell fryers to local restaurants/consumers.
  • Sell start-up kits for breeding rabbits including housing, food and a breeding trio.
  • Breed any animal and sell the babies – chickens, quail, sheep, goats, cows, rabbits.
  • Quail eggs sell well to the restaurant market and you don’t need lots of space.
  • Start a pet boarding kennels.
  • Sell chicken eggs – people will pay a premium for happy hen eggs.
  • Duck eggs – there is a market for free range duck eggs
  • Raise meat chickens or turkeys for the holiday season.
  • Buy in day old chicks and raise them to point of lay and sell them on.
  • Raise pasture fed anything – people pay a premium for pasture raised meat, eggs and dairy products.
  • Bees – the world needs more responsible beekeepers – and if you do it well, you will be rewarded with liquid gold.

Making Money from the Kitchen / Lounge / Workshop

There are local regulations around what you can make and sell from you kitchen, but with some research and some set up you will be amazed what you can make and sell.

You can sell them online, at the Farmer’s Market, or take them to local county fairs. This is one of the ways you can make money homesteading without needing too much space or land.

  • Develop your own line of soaps, balms or lotions.
  • Make beeswax wrap covers for food.
  • Make and sell jams or jellies.
  • Cheese.
  • Cake making for birthdays.
  • Bake cookies for busy parents – healthy or diet specific options would be profitable.
  • Candles.
  • Knit – especially for new babies.
  • Sow.
  • Crafts.
  • Make woodcrafts or toys.
  • Make metal work signs or furniture.
  • Build animal coops or houses.

Making Money Online

The internet is a big place and there are plenty opportunities to make money on it. Be wary of rip offs and scams and always, always do your research! Many people who make money homesteading do so from their blogging activities.

  • Build your own blog.
  • Run an etsy or felt store.
  • Sell used items on craigslist or trademe.
  • Freelancing/coaching.
  • Start an online store selling your products.
  • Become a virtual assistant.

I can help build a website for your small business too if you would like! Just flick me an email and we can talk.

If you would like an in depth, step by step course to learn more about blogging for income, I strongly recommend the Blogger Blueprint course. It is well worth the money, and Jill that runs it really knows her stuff!

Making Money Through Teaching

Chances are if you have had to learn something, someone else will be keen to learn it too – you can probably work out a way to get them to pay for the knowledge!

  • Run classes at your homestead teaching cheesemaking, preserving, fermenting, etc.
  • Write a book or ebook.
  • Write an e-course.
  • Start a Youtube channel.

Do you have anything that you do from home to make money on the side? Do you have any other suggestions? Please tell me in the comments below!


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Making money from homesteading in your own backyard is the ultimate dream. Here are 52 ways to make money from your homestead or even small backyard.

making money from homesteading in your own backyard is the ultimate dream. Here are 52 ways to make money from your homestead or even small backyard. Make Money Homesteading.Here are some different ways to make money from home especially if you have a backyard that you can use as well. Make Money Homesteading

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