Plastic Free Gifts – Ideas for all ages!

Getting a gift for someone is a sign of love and respect. Unfortunately the gift giving aspect of celebrations has been taken over by large corporations trying to make money from us.

Often this results in huge amounts of plastic, be it packaging or the product itself. Be a plasticfree gift giver! We are huge believers in make it yourself or buy local from the small guy.

Give an experience rather than products. Here are some lists of idea for plastic free gifts divided by age/stage.

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

If you are anything like me, you will want to give a gift that is from the heart, is lovely, but doesn't break the bank. If it can be an eco friendly gift at the same time? Even better! This year there is a handmade gift bootcamp that will show you how to make over 20...

Plastic free gifts make you think outside the box.

Finding gifts for children that aren’t made of plastic or packaged in plastic is particularly difficult. Think of the rows and rows of toys at the big stores, plastic, plastic, plastic.

It is bright, it is colourful, and we will be living with it for the rest of eternity. Eco friendly gifts usually cost more, but they are also usually better quality, and beautifully made.

They are often more sustainable gifts, made locally and support smaller, local producers.

Plastic free gifts don’t have to be overly expensive, if you think outside the box, you may manage cheap or free gifts.

Experiences don’t have to cost a lot, a picnic at the beach or a date baking a cake.

Gifts of food or clothing are always good options, especially treats that people don’t usually get for themselves.

Books, games and subscriptions make excellent gifts without plastic, they can be read over and over, and can be a shared experience getting the whole family involved.

Green gifts don’t have to be terrible secondhand disasters, they have the potential to be the best gifts ever.

Have a read of our plastic free gift ideas and let us know what you think about them.

DIY and Frugal gifts don't have to suck. Here are some wonderful wastefree gift ideas for all ages! #giftideas #giftguide #chistmas #DIYchristmas #zerowaste #piwakawakavalley