Sourdough Bread – Make Artisan Bread like a Professional

Benefits to Sourdough Bread

We make sourdough instead of instant yeast for several reasons:

* Amazing taste and texture.

* Easier to digest.

* Neutralizes phyates and anti nutrients in grains (1)”.

* Super cheap to make.

* Contains beneficial bacteria and yeast strains

* The bread naturally stays fresh, longer.

* Preserving traditional methods.

* Did I mention it is DELICIOUS?


Price: $9.50
Learn to make real sourdough today!


Who can resist the yeasty, sweet, spicy smell of hot cross buns out of the oven? These traditional sourdough easter buns will not fail you. And they are refined sugar free.

What others say about the book:

“Very informative and really helpful” – Sue

“Beautifully presented and easy to read, thank you!” – Beth

“Practical and easy to follow, the trouble shooting section saved my starter too.” – Roxanne

“I never knew you could use sourdough for things other than bread! The recipes are really nice” – John M.


Sourdough ebook. Learn to make delicious sourdough bread the traditional way.


Price: $9.50
Learn to make real sourdough today!

 What is included:

Introduction to Sour Dough
What is it and How does it work?
Benefits to Sourdough Bread
What are they
Bought, inherited or make your own?
How to make your own starter
Activating the starter
Short term storage
Long term storage
Switching from one type of flour to another
How to Use Kefir as Sourdough
The Basic Principles of Working with Sourdough
Proofing – long vs short
Baking Artisan Loaves – getting a good crust
The Loaf – how to make a basic sourdough bread
Free-Formed Sourdough Loaves
Starter Issues
How Altitude Affects Sourdough Baking
Tips and Tricks
For a More/Less Sour Sourdough
How to Adapt Any Recipe to Become a Sourdough Recipe
5 Tips for Working with Traditional Sourdough
White Loaf
Easter Bread
No Knead Wholemeal Bread
Tortillas, Naan and Turkish Wraps
Spiced muffins


Artisan Bread - The Art of Sourdough: 43 pages of beautifully presented, simple information guiding you through making sourdough from scratch. Find out more about the book today, you will not regret it!

Get The Book for ONLY $9.50 Today!


Price: $9.50
Learn to make real sourdough today!