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Today I planted out the seedlings that I had grown from seed. Growing from seed is definitely the cheapest way of propagating plants. If you want to sow outdoors in drier climates you need to put the seed a bit deeper so it has access to the moisture in the soil.


This week you can do most of your big plant out for your main crops. Placing lettuce alongside baby tomato plants, to be harvested as the tomatoes grow bigger. The next lot of lettuce can be sown between rows of peas, the peas will help shade the lettuce during the hot weather and stop it becoming bitter. You can also use this space to plant brassicas (cabbage/broccoli etc) for winter harvesting.

Stake your peas as they are getting above ground. I like to use chicken wire attached to 2 garden stakes that have been bashed into the ground.

Sow parsnips for winter now, they need a long growing season. Remember to use fresh seeds as parsnip seed looses virility quickly.

As your potatoes are coming through, continue to mound up the soil around them.


This is a good time to mulch all your berry fruits with some well rotted manure or compost. This will feed the plants and lock in the moisture from the spring rain to preserve it for the summer months.

Spring Week 6

Crop Rotation

Companion Planting

Seed Planting Timetable
For further reading, I really recommend all of these books. I own every one of them and they are amazing resources!








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