Does the dream of being self-sufficient resonate with you?

Do you feel the pull of an honest day’s work and the promise of a bountiful harvest?

You are not alone, we are on that journey too! We are chasing down this holy grail of food security and self-reliance and documenting it as it happens.


What to Expect from Us

Here at Piwakawaka Valley, we share our successes and our failures with you.

We aim to arm you with the knowledge, inspiration and support that you require so that you can achieve your own goals.

We will show you how to start homesteading wherever you are now and how you can build a reliable, secure, healthy source of meat and vegetables for you and your loved ones.


What does it mean to Homestead Anywhere?

There is a new movement and it is growing rapidly. Modern homesteaders. The self sufficient ones. People who are sick of the rat race, sick of trusting others to grow their food, or just plain ol’ sick.

Homesteading is getting in touch with our old traditions. Things that have served humanity well for so many generations.

You do not have to live on lots of land to embrace the homesteading movement.

Homesteading is a state of mind and a set of skills. You really can homestead anywhere.

If you enjoy the fruits of your own labor, want to live a healthy more fulfilling life and get in touch with our roots, then you are in the right place!


Where to Now?

Here are our most popular homesteading posts for you to get your teeth stuck in to.


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