Weekly Garden Diary: Autumn Week 10


Any time now is a good time to sow broad (fava) beans. They are a favorite of us who grow gardens in cooler areas as they germinate in the cold, and they prefer heavier soil.

Prepare the ground for broad beans with bone dust for it’s phosphates and sprinkle some lime around and rake it in. A small laundry scoop worth per 1m2 (10sqft) is about right for both of these things.

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Compost heaps will  need protection from the rain and snow, so now is a great time to either erect a tin roof over them or to wrap them in a tarp to keep them warm and dry.


Fruit trees will start appearing in the nursery stores shortly. If you are thinking about grafting your own trees this is the time you should look at what root stock you would like to buy and where to get your scion wood from.

It pays to get in early when purchasing fruit trees as the popular types sell out quickly.

Be sure to check which trees need which pollinators, and make sure you choose accordingly.

For further reading, I really recommend all of these books. I own every one of them and they are amazing resources!








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